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Maths Star


Habban has excelled in his mathematical abilities during this half term. He has demonstrated confidence when approaching various maths challenges including one more, one less and addition.

Habban has also shown fantastic counting skills and he is able to count and order number to 100!


Well done Habban, keep up the amazing work!



Rayyan has continued to develop in confidence during Maths sessions and within the environment. He is fluent at number and is confident at finding one more/ less with number 1-20! Rayyan has explored shapes and patterns and can create his own repeated pattern!


Well done!


Mohamado has really impressed us this half term with his fantastic maths skills. He has worked really hard to recognise numbers numbers and is able to count 1:1 to 29! He has also been developing his understanding of size and shape.



Well done Mohamado, keep up your hard work!



Excellent counting sills and using a number line. Jana is confident at counting objects to 20.  She can recognise and order numerals to 20 and is becoming

a very fluent mathematician.

Well done Jana.


Keep it up!