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Welcome to the class page for Nursery.

At Pinders Primary School we call the children in our Nursery 'Cubs'.

On this page you will find information about our class and details about all the exciting things we are  learning in school.

Don't forget to also look us up on Twitter... we try to put photographs on a couple of times each week. 

Nursery Staff

Mrs Catherine Somerfield - Nursery teacher

Mrs Carole Wilby - Nursery nurse

Mrs Hannah Edwards - from the end of June Mrs Edwards will be working in nursery. Mrs Edwards will be the nursery teacher for the afternoon sessions from September 2018. 




Nursery Session Times



We offer 15 hours of early years education each week, spread across 5 morning sessions.

Session times - 8.45am - 11.45am


From September 2018 we will also be offering afternoon sessions. 

Morning session - 8.40am - 11.40am

Afternoon session - 12.15pm - 3.15pm

*There will also be a limited number of 30 hour places available, initially for children who are eligible. Please contact Mrs Bowen in the office for more information.



The Library in Nursery will be open every week. Please take time to help your child pick a book or game that they would like to read/play at home. You can borrow books every week and bring them back to swap every Tuesday. Your child will each have their own reading passport, where we will keep a record of all the different books you have shared with your child.

If you've any questions or if you would like to be involved in helping to run our library please speak to your child's key person. 






Our children love coming to Nursery - listen to what they have to say...

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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What do we learn about in Nursery?


At Pinders Primary School we have developed our own long term plan, outlining the different topics we will  base our learning around each half term. Alongside this we also teach discrete phonics and maths sessions. A big part of the learning in Nursery is based around the children's interests. Please see below for some recent examples of how we have incorporated the children's interests into our learning at school. 

Nursery Timetable

Long Term Plan 2017-2018

Phonics overview for the year...

Summer Term 2018


After the Easter holidays we spent the first 2 weeks back taking part in the whole school 'Aspirations' topic - looking at different jobs and encouraging the children to think about different occupations and ways of life. We enjoyed sharing the book 'You Choose' - it is a brilliant picture book for developing speaking and listening skills. Please ask if you would like to borrow a copy of the book to share at home. The children spoke about what they'd like to be when they grow up. We also had some fantastic visitors come to speak to us about their jobs - have a look at the photos below!


Following 'Aspirations' week we enjoyed sharing a selection of stories by the author 'Eric Carle' with the children. Many of the children are already very familiar with some of his books - 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' is one of our favourite stories in Nursery! Why not ask you child to tell you about the story? What animals are in the story? It's also a great book for helping children to learn their colours. If you know this is something your child struggles with then it would be an ideal book to share at bedtime. We have also introduced the children to another one of his stories - 'The Very Busy Spider'. Please ask if you would like to borrow a copy to share at home. The story is set on a farm - why not ask your child which of the animals from the story they saw on our farm visit day? As part of our learning in Maths we have also shared the Eric Carle story called '10 Little Rubber Ducks'.





👑The Royal Wedding👑


In May the children loved finding out about the Royal Wedding. We found out about the people who were getting married, looked at pictures of wedding dresses, designed our own wedding dresses and even baked some wedding cakes! It was a wonderderful week... lots of opportunity to develop our speaking and listening skills.

Art Week


In Nursery we joined in with whole school art week. We chose to look at the paintings and sculptures by the artist Doug Hyde. We talked about how his paintings celebrate feeling happy and remind us of our love for our friends and family. The children created their own art work inspired by one of Doug Hyde's paintings. They used clay and paint to create their pieces. They will be on sale at our gallery event in June. 

When we return after the May half term holiday we will be finishing off our topic based around Eric Carle stories whilst practising for our Sport's Day! Once Sport's Day is over the children will be enjoying lots of activities based around 2 traditional stories - 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Goldilocks'.




Have a look at our fantastic photos from our Eid party!

Spring Term 2018


When the children returned to school after Christmas we enjoyed finding out about winter - exploring what the weather is like, how things are changing outside and reading lots of winter stories. We even had a little snow!! Why not share some winter stories with your child? We have some in our library for you to borrow. Some of our favourites in school are 'The Snowman', 'Snowbears', 'One Snowy Night' and 'Buster Keeps Warm'.




Here are some photos showing our brilliant learning about Winter...

In February we also spent some time developing our den building activities outside...

After the February half term holiday we enjoyed joining in with the whole school book week. In Nursery we shared the story 'Owl Babies'.



You can borrow a copy of the book from us to share at home or you can watch this short video on you tube...




After book week we enjoyed talking about a very special person in our families... our Mums! We made cards to celebrate Mother's Day. We then talked about all the jobs our Mums do to help to look after us... finding out why our Mums are so special. Some baby dolls arrived in our home corner so we could pretend to be Mum and Dads and looked after our new arrivals!

Thank you Mum for everything you do...

Spring Farm Visit


On Tuesday 20th April we had some very exciting visitors to Nursery. A selection of different farm animals came to school to meet us! Lambs, goats, chicks, rabbits.... all came to visit us at Pinders Primary School! We even had a go at feeding the lambs! It was a fantastic experience for all the children. Have a look at the photos below...

Autumn Term 2017


At the start of the autumn term the children in Nursery have spent the first few weeks getting to know each other, the teachers and our new classroom. The teachers have shared 'Marvellous Me' boxes - a box filled with lots of different objects to tell the children a little about themselves. We have also been talking about our 3 classroom rules and we created a piece of art on a canvas to show that we all agree to follow our rules. 



As we moved into October, the children have been learning about autumn and harvest. We have been on a walk in the local park to look for signs of autumn.. Why not take your child out for a walk too? Can you find any conkers or acorns? Talk about what's happening to the leaves on the trees as the weather turns colder. We have also shared a story called 'The Enormous Turnip'. Why not visit Wakefield library with your child to borrow the book to share at home or speak to your child's key person if you would like to borrow a copy from school.  



A few photos from our brilliant work about Autumn...

Photos of our harvest...

After the half term holiday the children took part in our whole school 'Space' week. Our story focus for this week was 'Whatever Next' - a story about a bear who travels to the moon. Please ask if you would like to borrow a copy to share at home.  

Our photos from space week are out of this world!

In November the children enjoyed finding out about the Hindu festival of Diwali - The Festival of Light. We shared the story of Rama and Sita using a shadow puppet show. We made our own divas - small clay pots for candles. The children also used 2D shapes to make their own rangoli patterns using coloured sand.



Photos of our Diwali learning...

In December we enjoyed learning about Christmas. Why do Christian people celebrate Christmas? How do they celebrate? We read the nativity story and put on a performance for our families and friends. The children also made angel Christmas cards for their families. We also shared the story 'Dear Santa' and thought about what presents we would like Santa to bring to us. 

100% attendance throughout the Autumn term - well done!

Have a look at some of the brilliant feedback from our parents...