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The school library was renovated extensively in 2016-17 and continues to be up-dated on a regular basis. It serves to instil a love of reading, inspire life-long learning, and foster independent library use and skills. Pupils visit the library once a week with their class to check out reading materials and to practice their information literacy skills.


The library is an inviting space where students may acquire knowledge and gain insight; a welcoming haven where children may seek respite from a demanding day; a stimulating place where they may open books and open their minds for a better tomorrow.



Our Library has some beautiful displays from each class, showcasing the brilliant learning they have done around a particular book or theme. Take a look at our wonderful library displays!

Our Library displays

Introducing the Library staff...

The School Library is managed by Mrs Bedford, supported at break and lunchtimes by a team of pupil library assistants from Years 4, 5 and  6.


We have a growing team of dedicated pupil library assistants, who help out with maintaining the good order of the library, re-shelving returned books , finding resources for pupils and staff  and helping to move the Library forward.


Some of our pupil library assistants stay with us for a few years, others decide to do it for a shorter period. Whatever length our pupils choose, the skills they develop as pupil library assistants are invaluable and much valued.


I'm interested in becoming a pupil library assistant, what do I do?

As there is always more demand than places available, you need to write a letter of interest to Mrs Bedford explaining why you would like to become a pupil library assistant. If successful, you will spend a trial period with us to make sure it's right for you! One break and/or lunchtime is all we expect you to dedicate, though some pupils are happy to do more if need be.


Here are our fantastic librarians:

Team 1: Tanya (Y4), Mya (Y5) and Iliyas (Y6)

Team 2: Majan (Y4), Muskaan (Y5) and Sravan (Y6)

Team 3: Mohammed (Y4), Hussam (Y5) and Zoya (Y4)


When are we open?

We are open throughout the day from 8.50 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. for students and staff to read, work and use the wealth of resources available to them.



How many book can a pupil borrow?

Pupils in Years 1-6 can borrow up to 1 book for 1 week.

Can I have my item for longer?

Yes, just inform your teacher you want to renew it and keep it longer , this will be recorded on your personal Library passport.

Our library policy