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Nursery - Cubs

Welcome to the class page for Nursery.


At Pinders Primary School we call the children in our Nursery 'Cubs'.

On this page you will find information about our class and details about all the exciting things we are  learning in school.

Don't forget to also look us up on Twitter... we try to put photographs on a couple of times each week.

Nursery Staff


Mrs Hannah Edwards - Nursery teacher 

Mrs Carole Wilby - Nursery nurse (morning and lunch sessions)

Mrs Michelle Eyre - Nursery nurse (afternoon session)


Nursery Session Times



Morning session - 8.40am - 11.40am



Afternoon session - 12.15pm - 3.15pm




*There are also a limited number of 30 hour places available, initially for children who are eligible. Please contact Mrs Bowen in the office for more information

What do we learn about in Nursery?


At Pinders Primary School we have developed our own long term plan, outlining the different topics we will  base our learning around each half term. Alongside this we also teach discrete phonics and maths sessions. A big part of the learning in Nursery is based around the children's interests. Please have a look below to see some recent examples.

The Learning Environment


The environment is essential to facilitate learning within the Early Years.

"Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs." (EYFS)

The Nursery environment has different areas for children to access independently. Each area has permanent resources for the children to continually access and develop their skills and learning. Enhancements are regularly added to each area to reflect topics and any current learning and interests. Most learning areas are enhanced with books and writing materials to promote both reading and writing from the beginning of school.

Nursery Timetables

Long Term Planning Overview

Phonics Overview

Phonics videos to support learning at home

Story time ...


The Library in Nursery will be open every week. We will help your child pick a book or game that they would like to read/play at home. It will be sent home in a labelled plastic wallet, please bring them back to swap every Tuesday. Your child will each have their own reading passport, where we will keep a record of all the different books you have shared with your child.

Choose from a range of books and activities to support learning at home

Using our library ...

Reading our library books at home ...

Nursery Stars

Autumn Term 2020


During the autumn term the children in Nursery will spend the first few weeks getting to know each other, the teachers and our classroom. The teachers will share 'Marvellous Me' boxes - a box filled with lots of different objects to tell the children a little about themselves. We will also learn about our 3 classroom rules:

We are safe 

We are respectful

We are ready to learn.

As we move into October, the children will learn about autumn and harvest. Our learning will be focused on the book called 'The Enormous Turnip'. 



After the half term holiday our topic is changing to festivals and celebrations. Our learning will begin with bonfires and fireworks. This is followed by Diwali. The children will make their own diva lamps out of clay. 

Our Divas

During our Diwali topic we explored shape in maths. Take a look at our shape learning. 

Our last topic during the autumn term is Christmas. The learning is based on 'The First Christmas' story. Nursery children participate in a small production retelling this story with a selection of songs. 

Our visit from Santa...

Spring Term 2021


At the start of the Spring term our topic will be winter.

We will look at the changes in the outdoor environment and create winter pictures. We will also explore with ice and water and develop new vocabulary to describe winter

During this term we will also learn about rhyme and poetry.

Further into the Spring term we will learn about Chinese New Year. 

Our book focus will be 'Lanterns and Firecrackers' 

We will engage in expressive arts and design throughout this topic; recreating dances and making model dragons. 

Summer Term 2021

During this term we start our learning journey introducing the season Spring. We make observations and talk about the differences we have noticed since Winter. We then introduce Eric Carle and Julia Donaldson stories, particularly looking at the books that include farm animals. 



So far our learning journey has taken us to exploring colour and patterns by learning about butterflies.  The next stage in our journey is following the children's interest of spiders. We will see where this takes us .....